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Rail Alignment is an OEM for laser based tamper guidance systems.

The Rail System 4000 uses laser technology to work with industry leading tamping equipment (specifically for the Plasser & Theurer C.A.T. and Dyna C.A.T tampers and Harsco Rail 6700 and Mark IV tampers) for the purpose of guidance to align, restore and replace worn track. The systems are robust, accurate and Made In The USA!

There are hundreds of Rail System 4000’s in use in North America and around the world. Rail Alignment is pleased to provide a vital product in the sustainability of one the most important infrastructure systems in the world – the railroads.


Primary Products

RS4000 Panel Kit                    Part Number   40600

RS4000 Lightbar Kit                Part Number   40601

RS4000 Sensor Kit                  Part Number   40602

RS4000 HO Laser Kit              Part Number  40606

RS4000 Tripod Assembly        Part Number   40535

RS4000 Solar Buggy/Cart       Part Number   40546

RS4000 Servo Assemblies      Part Number   40550, 40551 & 40552



Contact us for support on your existing system or for information on purchasing new Rail Alignment products.