Rail Alignment is dedicated to manufacturing the best product that we possibly can. We also strive to offer the best after the sale service that we can. If you find yourself needing to have your Rail System 4000 equipment repaired, please contact Laser Specialists.

Laser Specialists has been repairing the RS4000 systems for 20 years. Because of their experience with this equipment and superior workmanship, Laser Specialists is the only service center supported by Rail Alignment.

For all your RS4000 service needs, please contact Laser Specialists:

Laser Specialists Inc
19879 W 156th St
Olathe KS 66062
913 780 9990

NOTE: Laser Specialists is a service center only. They do not sell new equipment or parts that are not directly related to an in house repair. If you are in need of replacement parts or assemblies, pleaseĀ contact Rail Alignment directly.